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Comedienne Melissa Shoshahi shares with us her struggle becoming what her mother wanted her to do, which was what she did.  Pedicures and waxing or what she wanted to do with her life. Stand Up Comedy.

Melissa is of Iranian decent. As a female in her 20’s, with a college degree and being the only child. Her parents weren’t thrilled when they found out she wanted to do stand up. They just didn’t get it. It’s not their fault. There wasn’t too many “Comedians” in Melissa’s culture.

She tried to please her mother at first. So, Melissa was going to beauty school during the day and doing stand-up at night. She did that until she graduated and then again, to make her mother happy. Melissa started working with her mother at the salon she owned. This was a big deal. Melissa’s mom isn’t just passionate about waxing. She’s award-winningly good at it. Melissa’s mom has been featured in Allure magazine and in Seattle magazines several times because she does a five-minute Brazilian wax.

"A Brazilian wax means everything. Literally everything, is cleaned down there."  

Melissa assisted her mother with waxing but after about a week she told her she just couldn’t do it anymore, it wasn’t for her. A few years later Melissa started doing shows and touring with Max Amini. Her parents came to a show where she was featuring for him and saw her in a different light. Her parents finally realized that stand up was Melissa’s Brazilian Wax Shop. At the end of the day, we’re all chasing our version of a Brazilian wax shop out there. I hope you find yours. Thanks for listening.


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